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  • Everyone on this list is a "maybe", so far; for the guys travelling from the US, make that a rather big "maybe":
  • Masacre
  • ishamael
  • NilsSKBB
  • Firefly
  • Zola
  • Baerli
  • Architekt
  • RalfiZoller
  • knighttour
  • Lojza
  • Toddmf
  • Cranith
  • TrumpetX (tx state champion!)
  • drinkeh
  • phuzer
  • rezacz
  • andreufm
  • fermy
  • skacz
  • Maras
  • FantasticCat
  • Horkko
  • wortel
  • JStriker
  • venomous
  • JKiller
  • LinusO
  • Vampyreslayer
  • Chickencrossroad
  • Caspiwins
  • Vaboris


Dear players,


please check your bookings Opens internal link in current windowhere and contact me at eurobughouse _at_ immediately if something does not look right.

The next chapter

dear reader,

if you came here you probably already know about the Berlin Bughouse Gathering, by now one of the most traditional bughouse events world wide. Maybe you have been here before, or are still pondering wether it is really worth it. Maybe you believe its a nerd thing to visit a bughouse event?

Either way sometimes its okay to give in to your inner nerd and this year would definitely be a good occasion. As we get together for the twelfth time some things that we have gotten to know and love will stay while others will change this year; namely the season and the schedule. Differently from previous years we have decided to shift the event to july for several reasons. Furthermore while the gathering will "officially" be held from thursday to sunday, the main event - the Berlin Bughouse Open 2013 - will happen on sunday in the usual format. We plan to insert something special for saturday, a tournament that will mix things up - stay tuned for updates on that!

For now, please make sure you have no other obligations:

12th Berlin Bughouse Gathering, July 11-14, 2013


more Days until the gathering starts!