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10.12.2019 : 20:56 : +0100
Lunch at Pizzeria "Ali Baba"...Pizza 4 euros, pasta for less. Impressive Waitress memorized all orders correctly.
Wortel and Cranith
Cranith masacre, phuzer and andreufm
Maras and Wortel, apparently caught by surprise here.
Cranith and masacre, friends and regulars in Berlin.
Masacre, Phuzer and Drinkeh. Whoever said dutch dont get along with people from Belgium should watch this.
Drinkeh and venomous. Watch veno's eyes. Sneaky huh
MessyEmy taking on Horkko
Emy partnering NilsSKBB(GM)
One day Cranith will be a great politician. Always time for a smile, even in a time scramble.
This guy claims to be JStriker, however he was very nice, gentle, interested in the City of Berlin. Wasnt even too upset when Germany eliminated Greece from the Euro Cup that night. Hope you come back!
Horkko and FantasticCat, a finnish-british long term cooperation. Two completely different personalities which seem to work very well together. comment.
Maras and Phuzer
Later that day, more dutch guys arrived together with the czech teams. Here Andreufm and cranith (left) play against Ishamael and skacz. Note the orange shirt that the dutch team once created especially for the berlin gathering.
Tourney registration just opened. While some guys sign up, others still seek partners.
Drinkeh. It would take something like an earth quake or nuclear strike to get him out of his comfort zone.
Watching the epic match between Germany and Greece. For the non europeans, this goes way beyond football, as the two nations clash over financial issues in the euro zone at the same time, and the tone is very harsh. Noone really can afford to lose this match! Masacre - of all non-greek - was rooting against Germany.
If Nils cares for this game, he manages to hide it perfectly.
Something really dramatic must just have happened. Just dont recall what it was.


For the Bughouse addicted (nearly 100% of the people) this is probably the day they  remember the least. Nervously waiting for the hotel guests to finish their breakfast around 11am, everyone wants to get going. The less competetive people try to play with old friends and new acquaintances and maybe avoid partnerships that proved to be failures in previous years (venomous refused to partner me throughout the whole gathering). The "serious" players though will stick with their partner for tomorrows tournament (unlike the laid back people they carefully selected a well matched partner weeks, maybe months ago) and discuss openings that work best with clock on the left side (least distance between pieces and clock...1. b3), secret codes for special situations, who they think they will beat and so on. Relaxed people start to ask for a partner after lunch or even later.

After a relatively short stint of playing, we went for lunch to Ali Baba - a pizzeria - where the most notable thing besides the waitresses' uncanny momorizing abilities was the blind crazyhouse game between wortel and Cranith. Even though they promised to write the game down for interested students of the game i never got to see it. However now Cranith took the time to store it on his Blind account at FICS, so if you are online, "ex blindcranith C" to see it. The game ended by wortel calling the flag on Cranith because the pizza was eaten and he still pondered over his mate attack. UPDATE! Cranith sent me the game, with his thoughts and comments! Well worth reading. Available as pdf - File Initiates file downloadhere.

Another group (Emy, Ishamael, FantasticCat, Firefly, Horkko, NilsSKBB) went to the vietnamese/thai restaurant "cyclo". It was a curious coincidence that Emy was frequently forgotten by the personnel so it was normal that everyone watched her eating at the end of lunch/dinner.

When we returned to the hotel the playing commenced and the matches became more heated. Desperation was spreading among those without a partner by now (everyone had someone to play with in the end). Around 5pm, Janni started with registering teams and we ended up with 14 - four more signed up on tournament day.

After the registration and some more playing, it was time to look for a convenient place to watch the football match. It were the quarter finals of the euro cup and germany played against greece. At this time, greece was facing an economic collapse of historic dimensions. A lot of controversy was going back and forth, germany being the leading party of those accusing greece of harming the euro zone. Obviously a lot more was at stake here than the (already very important) question of who would make it to the semi ended up as a very one sided match though. Germany scored a few nice goals, greece countered but never came close to challenge germany. The game ended 4-2, and JStriker - our greek participant - was slightly depressed (not too much though).