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10.12.2019 : 20:45 : +0100


Pictures from the gathering ...thursday

Horkko is enjoying his cake, ...
NilsSKBB and Firefly welcome MessyEmy, our only visitor from the US.
Here we see MessyEmy (notice her pink wind jacket) together with Firefly, playing Horkko and Super GM Levon Aronian. If you look at Levon's board closely - and take into consideration the pieces in Emy's hand -, you will notice that he is checkmated!
GM NilsSKBB is watching. This kid sure sleeps a lot, but once he is awake he does not miss much!
A team that had a lot of fun on thursday - MessyEmy and Firefly can't stop laughing about their dominance.
Marv and NilsSKBB vs. Horkko and Aronian. Well this is like one of these pictures where you have to find the mistake. An easier one, for that matter.
Regular visitor ReneVanLent - who came with his lovely family again - with Firefly.
Horkko and Aronian discuss something, and having fun doing so.
GM Aronian in deep thoughts. At this time he was ranked #2 at FIDE, with 2825 only 10 behind the #1 Magnus Carlsen. Levon Aronian is a very kind and very impressive person and would be the same even when playing chess on 1200 level (that does not keep him from occasional trash talk at bughouse though).

Thursday is traditionally the day of arrival for most players. Throughout the day the crowd gets bigger, the bug hotter. While the first arrivals cause a big welcome, it can happen to you that you arrive thursday late and people will just nod in your general direction and continue their game. Thats just how bughouse is...

In the first pictures everyone was taking a morning coffee at "cafe Einstein", a very nice self service coffee shop (in the german sense of the word, not the dutch!).

MessyEmy arrived on monday already; she was visiting the city of Berlin, which many consider a nice touristic spot to see. On wednesday, venomous joined us, and thursday most of the buggers arrived. As usual Firefly was one of the first. His hunger for bughouse seems insatiable, since he is one of the very few selected players who attend both european and american gatherings!

The gathering hotel - the lovely Hotel Bogota - is situated very close to Kurf├╝rstendamm, one of the nicest boulevards of Berlin (former west Berlin center). Walk 2 minutes from the Hotel and you sit in cafe Einstein with a good Espresso or Latte Macciato and a Croissant in your hands.

Some of the last 11 years GM Aronian also managed to attend the gathering, or at least some days of it. Unfortunately he couldnt stay for the tournament but we had some fun playing with him before everyone arrived. At some point the three masters Firefly, Nils and Aronian started a small simul bughouse competition.