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25.5.2020 : 9:53 : +0200


Invitation (Ausschreibung) in German


Dear bughouse enthusiasts,

another very enjoyable gathering is over. Sadly some of the regulars could not make it, but we also saw a great comeback by the bughouse legend venomous Smiley and Maras and some amazing new people showed up. While the first arrival was already happening monday and the last departure more than a week later, the main milestones were the same as in the last year - casual massive bug on thursday and friday (interrupted only to go for lunch/dinner and for watching football euro cup games), the official bughouse open tournament on saturday for teams and the smaller individual player event with bronstein time controls on sunday.

For those who seek information, pictures and videos:

Pictures and notes from thursday (more to follow)

friday Pictures  (more to come)

saturday Pictures and notes from various participants (under construction)

Opens internal link in current windowmy notes and impressions from the tournament

Opens external link in new windowResults of the 11th Berlin Bughouse Open ... or

Opens external link in new windowIndex of all results of the last few years

Baerli's tourney report on his club's page (in german)

 Some links referring to sundays tournament, mostly organized by the czech players (quoting skacz here):

========================  QUOTE  ==================================

System for individuals (requires about 2.5-3 hours if not more than 20 players in and/or are peoples somehow sorted by levels, for example from teams tourney or last year results etc.)

And here nice table made by alamar as perfect example on real 2012 sunday tourney datas (save the pictures tables):

Yah and here is english description i made, good to save maybe also
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All other links are collected in (not only) czech main thread forum:
which always worked, even if partial discussion under actualities didnt cos to some server timeouts :)

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skaCZ also uploaded a lot of good video material to youtube. It should be refered to on alamars forum. There is video material from three different cameras of the final series between Firefly + Cranith vs. NilsSKBB and Ishamael. I think the result will be worth some waiting.

I have about 300+ pictures of the gathering, the best of which i will publish here. If other participants would like to share their pictures or videos, please contact me.

11th Berlin Bughouse Gathering

Hello to all the OTB bughouse enthusiasts out there. Some news regarding the gathering for those seeking information:

- Cranith and masacre have been added as editors of

- registration form now online (right side of this page)

- participant list gets updated as we receive signups

- hotel costs remain unchanged

- tournament location to be determined, depends on number of players


look at the facebook events for the gathering for more information and discussion:


There will be another sunday tournament, too. As last year skaCZ will set up the format, however the second tournament director - LinusO - will unfortunately not be available. Meanwhile here are some links to last years' event:




Rules and System: - TourneySystemIndividualsBerlin2011_AceSystem.txt




more Days until the gathering starts!