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25.5.2020 : 10:35 : +0200



Einladung (deutsch)


Invitation (english)


Dear reader,


its hard to describe how fast four days can go by. It feels like you slept about three hours per day, yet you cant stop playing "just one more". At a certain age, a gathering would become life threatening if it lasted more than one extended weekend!


There were some problems with the tournament location but it all turned out very nicely because a very helpful local club helped out and let us play in their nice venue. All pictures and videos from the tournament - taken by Frank Hoppe, a representant of the berlin chess federation - can be found Opens external link in new windowhere. A live ticker in german (read from bottom upwards) can be found Opens external link in new windowhere. Tournament results will soon be made available.


I will upload a couple of my own new images every other day. Keep checking for updates.

Old friends (LinusO and NilsSKBB)...
...and new ones, AndreuFM and Bjoern
and others, drinking.
Drinkeh and Firefly...
...vs. Fermy and Ishamael.
SkaCZ, who set up a Bronstein based single player tournament on Sunday, and Horkko.
Alamar and Sandokanom
Tjeulesbetes and SergentPepper
FantasticCat guiding AmazingDog, other buggers
LinusO and Drinkeh
Ishamael, Horkko, FantasticCat and Zola
Firefly and NilsSKBB
At the Pizzeria
Knighttour takes a stand
drinks, ...
... more drinks...
...and so on
AmazingDog looks sceptical.


This is the growing list of registered participants, along with Hotel accomodation requirements:

RalfiZoller 0

Baerli 0

Architekt 0

FantasticCat 1

Horkko 1

skaCZ 2

masacre 1

eleventeen 1

ReneVanLent 3

Firefly 1

LinusO 1

NilsSKBB 1

Ishamael 1

Lojza 4

Zola 1

SergentPepper 1

YurijNsu 0

Wir 1

Alamar 1

Sandokanom 2

andreufm 1

drinkeh 1

Cranith 1

Tjeulesbetes 4



...more to come.