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25.5.2020 : 8:55 : +0200


It's On!

The 9th berlin bughouse gathering went by very quickly again. Some people arriving as soon as wednesday and the last people leaving on monday, there was enough bughouse to be played for everyones desires. The tournament on saturday was won by the old and new Bughouse World Champions, LinusO and NilsSKBB, who beat Firefly and BarryBoswick. In the match for third place, Venomous and Wortel defeated Fermy and SkaCZ showing a breathtaking comeback from being behind 3-6, to take the series 7-6.


Check this page frequently for updates, all results, pictures (click to enlarge) and videos. Looking very much forward to see everyone again in 2011!

TheBestGirl and Comonova. Later Marv replaced her.
FantasticCat and Horkko took pictures of the standings every round while they maintained the number one spot.
Ilsensine monitoring the action.
Sven, the guy who makes the whole tournament run smooth and easy.
Suza, the one-woman-organization-office.
Alga and Jesusga. Our first ever visitors from Spain!
SergentPepper and Ishamael.
masacre and Cranith
Funkmaus and Ismirdochegal, strong team from Germany. Right into the playoffs on their first visit!
Venomous and Wortel - if not the most successful team, then for sure one of those who had the most fun.
Intense action: Firefly and BarryBoswick against Cranith and Masacre, Wortel, LinusO, NilsSKBB (mostly hidden) and Venomous kibitzing.
RalfiZoller and Cosinus, a team we know for decades now.
...and finally: the old and new Bughouse World Champions, LinusO and NilsSKBB!

New year, new chance

Dear interested Reader,


little has changed regarding the plannings for our bughouse gathering, compared to 2009. And why would we change anything, when it was a really great time for everyone? So basically you can expect the same as in the last years. Great people, lots of bughouse, beer and other pleasures. Things to notice:

- we do not have a definite agreement regarding the location of the 9th tournament, which is why theres no invitation out yet. News will be put online as soon as we have something.

- You may have noticed that the gathering falls within the time span of the greatest sports event world wide, the FIFA football world cup. As two years ago during the EuroCup, we will try to find locations where we can join the public viewers, no worries .

- we are still waiting for a team to really challenge the multiple winners of the last years. Do you feel like you could be the one to take it away from them? Grab the strongest partner you can get, and pray for a bad day for LinusO/NilsSKBB!


The signup form is available on the right column of this page. Sign up as soon as possible to make sure you get accommodated in the lovely hotel bogota.


This is the growing list of registered participants:

LinusO (SWE)


Ludeo (CH)

Cranith (NL)

masacre (NL)

wortel (NL)

FantasticCat (UK)

Horkko (FIN)

Ishamael (NL)

Eleventeen (USA)

Ismirdochegal (D)

Funkmaus (D)

TheBestGirl (D)

Ilsensine (NL)

venomous (DEN)

BarryBoswick (USA)

comonova (RUS)

Lojza (CZ)

KiboPlaying (PL)

SkaCZ + 1 (CZ)

ReneVanLent + 2

Knighttour (USA)

Firefly (SWE)

Zybasty (RUS)

cosinus (CH)

RalfiZoller (D/UK/TR)

Marv (D)


...also planning to participate:




several local players.

Handle von-bis (Juni 10) Art MBZ: Dusche WC Bemerkungen:
Firefly 17. -21. 1 X
ReneVanLent 17. - 20. 3 X X 3 Personen (Familie)
masacre 17. -21. 2
Cranith 17. - 20. 3 x mit Wortel, Ishamael
wortel 17. -21. 3 x mit Ishamael, Cranith
Ishamael 17. - 20. 3 X mit Cranith, Wortel
FantasticCat 17. - 20. 2 mit Horkko
Horkko 17. -21. 2 mit FantasticCat
kiboPlaying 18. -20. 4 X mit Zakrzutek
NilsSKBB 18. -21. 2 x Hat letztes Jahr freien Aufenthalt gewonnen (zwei √úbernachtungen)
LinusO 18. -21. 2 x Hat letztes Jahr freien Aufenthalt gewonnen (zwei √úbernachtungen)
Ilsensine 17. -21. 1
Funkmaus 17.- 20. 2 mit Ismirdochegal
Ismirdocheg. 17.- 20. 2 mit Funkmaus
SKAcz 17.- 20. 2 mit Freundin
Lojza 18. -20. 2
venomous 17.- 20. 1 x x
EIEvEntEEn 18. -20. 2 x x
18. -21. 1 x x
zybasty 17. -21. 1 x x