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25.5.2020 : 9:26 : +0200


This was the Berlin Bughouse Gathering 2009

NilsSKBB(IM) and LinusO(FM), the old and new champions

The gathering is over ... it was over way too fast. It was great to have all the bug people in Berlin again. Now you can find all results at More pictures, videos and reports hopefully available soon - keep coming back often! :)

Casual games and different restaurants

Casual bug game in Hotel Bogota between ReneVanLent and Marv (sporting the 2002 gathering shirt!) and Knighttour with TheBestGirl.
In between games, we went for various sorts of food. Very close to the hotel, theres a huge number of restaurants of all sorts. This was in the fine turkish restaurant "Baba Angora"...
...while this was taken during the traditional visit of the "Calcutta".
Game scene showing a nice king walk. The incredibly gifted player with the black pieces is probably about to deliver checkmate.
Firefly at the "Angora Baba", turkish restaurant. Seems to be pretty relaxed, but under the table his feet were tapping nervously until he could get back to the board...
Ludeo and Horkko (in orange)
FantasticCat vs. Horkko, and Ishamael vs. Ludeo.
Knighttour and Cranith laughing while Firefly is about to figure out the checkmate in eight moves for his partner.
Masacre concentrating
Grishezz and Ishamael
TheBestGirl still enjoying her positive pstat against the photographer.

Tournament pictures and videos

An overview over the tourney location
The somewhat predictable setup for the finals, here playing in the main tourney