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Hotel reservation


English tournament invitation


Deutsche Einladung zum Turnier


Chess festival @jewish museum

german invitation to the Opens external link in new windowLasker Chess Festival

Tournament results

Find all tournament results Initiates file downloadhere (thanks to Sven Jorgens for carefully recording them).

Breaking news

+++21 teams for 7th berlin bughouse gathering+++

+++skacz, nasnad surprising guests+++

+++skacz without partner simuls, makes 8th place of main tourney, makes it to playoffs+++

+++nasnad comes from sightseeing for round 5, partners icc player pawnramen, wins 17 of 20+++

+++a final teams linuso/nilsskbb, firefly/cranith, venomous/masacre, fantasticcat/horkko, alamar/ivos, zakrzutek/kiboplaying, tbg/grishezz, skacz/skacz+++

+++first place linuso/nilsskbb+++

+++second place firefly/cranith+++

+++third place venomous/masacre+++

+++all results and details to follow soon+++


Nathalie's interviews:

Initiates file downloadmasacre

 Initiates file downloadSKAcz

Initiates file downloadLinusO

Initiates file downloadFirefly & Cranith

Initiates file downloadLinusO & NilsSKBB

Initiates file downloadToddmf & FantasticCat

other stuff:

Initiates file downloadthe Dutch National Bugballhouseteam
 (one day after beating France 4-1 in the football euro cup, if you wonder about TBG's comment :)

Initiates file downloadrandom impressions before the tournament begins

SKAcz's videos:

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 1

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 2

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 3

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 4

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 5

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 6

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 7

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 8

Initiates file downloadSemifinals 9


toddmf's pictures

Initiates file downloadMarv's pictures - Part 1

Initiates file downloadMarv's pictures - Part 2

Berlin Bughouse Gathering 2008

Its the seventh time now that bughouse players from all around the globe will gather for a weekend of fun, sun and bughouse. Following the success of the 2007 we decided to stick to the (very nice and convenient) hotel Bogota and tournament location choice. To register for the gathering, wether you want to stay in the Bogota or elsewhere, signup Initiates file downloadhere.

Dates and schedule

In the past years, we used to have the "official" gathering on an extended weekend, from friday to monday. The result was that most people arrived thursday already, many even earlier. On the other hand, many left on sunday and those who stayed until monday seemed a bit worn out from all the bug. So this year, we will "officially" start on thursday and end sunday. That means that the rooms reserved for us will be available, and the clocks, pieces and boards will be in the hotel earlier. It also gives everyone one extra day of practising before the tournament.

Start: Thursday, June 12th, 2008

End: Sunday, June 15th, 2008

From friday to sunday there will be a jazz festival very close to the hotel's location, with free concerts, food and drinks (both not free ;) and other attractions.


Arrival, picking up people in special situations, casual playing in the hotels' breakfast room


Breakfast, playing in the hotel, in the afternoon we'll move to the tournament location and play there.


7th open Berlin Bughouse Tournament, usually 9 round Swiss System Qualifier and then Playoffs for the best 8 teams; if requested, also a B-Final for the other teams. Prizes for the tourney winners, youngest team, best local team.


Playing, Sightseeing, Beergarden, Boat trip or other nice things one can do in Berlin in June. Another option would be to join the Berlin Chess Festival at the jewish museum which is running from saturday to sunday with different tourneys and open games (see link on the right).


As in 2007 the main accomodation and playing site (apart from the open tourney) will be the Opens external link in new windowHotel Bogota. There are different classes of rooms (with shower and toilet, with shower only, or with shower and toilet on the level). From their page:

For the rooms with washbasin there are sufficient showers and toilets on every floor at your service, free of charge, for every 3 rooms one shower, for every 2 rooms one toilet.

Additionally there are 1, 2, 3 and 4 person rooms. The different prices are listed inside the signup form that you find on the right side of this page. Please use this form to book and do not contact the hotel directly since the hotel granted us very friendly conditions that you wont receive by booking directly.





  • Zybasty
  • Cranith
  • FantasticCat
  • TheBestGirl
  • Firefly
  • Renevanlent
  • Ludeo
  • Grishezz
  • Lojza
  • LinusO
  • Nilsskbb
  • comonova
  • Sargeras
  • Horkko
  • meikever
  • masacre
  • ZakrZutek
  • Ilsensine
  • wir
  • alamar
  • ivos
  • vigo
  • venomous
  • cosinus
  • PawnRamen (@ICC)
  • PyroArcangle (@ICC)
  • toptygin
  • toddmf
  • danila
  • dommel
  • biltv
  • Zola
  • Draculla
  • cieniol
  • panicho
  • AAndrew
  • Kristopf
  • RalfiZoller
  • Marv