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25.5.2020 : 9:57 : +0200

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2012 Gathering over

Thats all folks - the Berlin 2012 gathering is over. Of course, material of all sorts - pictures, videos, results, stories - will be available on the gathering page.Theres already some stuff, check frequently for updates. And if you own some pictures or feel you could write a nice anecdote please contact me - you know how and where.

However theres a lot more fun coming up! July 1st to 8th, world open in Philadelphia. Then august 18th the long tradition of Geneva gatherings continues. August 31 to September 3rd, buggers gather in Kansas City for chefj's gathering. And around new year there could be another Miami gathering. Plenty of occasions to get your regular bughouse fix!

#10 over, #11 on the horizon

Knighttour at the end of the gathering(?), looking ahead to 2012

Another gathering is over. Number ten was a bit smaller number wise, maybe due to some collisions with the date. Nevertheless it was very fun (at least for me). Some notes on the gathering page.


On a different note, we decided to start the 2012 campaign early - after all 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it, according to Mayan calendar and Nostradamus. After a short informal poll at the tournament, we set the dates for the gathering to June 21-24. The 2012 page will soon be available with some interesting new ideas.

Berlin Bughouse Gathering 2011 - sweet times ahead.

Yes, its happening again. The Dates: June 23-26. Everything else: the bad things will be worked on and improved, the good things will become even better. Trust me. The only thing missing is - you. What are you waiting for?

9th Berlin Bughouse Gathering

Another great bughouse party is over. New and old faces, bughouse, football watching, clubbing and other activities made the few days go by in a hurry. Read all about the event on the Gathering Page.

Back for more

After looong absence from this site, i am happy to announce the dates for the 2010 edition of the Berlin Bughouse Gathering. We will gather from June 17, 2010 - June 20, 2010. Accomodation as usual in the hotel Bogota, same prices and rules. Tourney location and conditions to be announced.

It took Firefly only 18 seconds to reach this remarkable strong position in the finals of the Berlin Bughouse Tournament 2009...(picture by SkaCZ)

Gathering is over

Three of the four finalists spoke swedish...Firefly, LinusO, NilsSKBB

This was another great gathering. Controlled by the swedish guys strength wise, made possible by the dutch crowd who were the heart and soul of the gathering just as usual. Check the gathering page frequently for updates.

2009 Berlin Bughouse Gathering

As usual the planning for next years' gathering start early. For 2009, we have great news: the main event, our  open tournament that will be held for the 8th time 2009, will be hosted within the Berlin Chess Festival, a great event located inside the award-winning architecture of the Opens external link in new windowjewish museum.
The dates for the gathering have been set to June 18-21, 2009. Like 2008, this is thursday to sunday, with the tournament on saturday. Hotel reservation and participant list will be available around new year. In the meantime, check the 2008 page frequently for updates (videos, pictures still to come).

Geneva ahead

whenever a nice bughouse event ends, everyone goes home with a sad feeling, and a longing for a continuation. Usually the european bughouse players are in the comfortable position to look forward to the lovely Geneva gathering right after the end of the Berlin event. Same routine this year - the Geneve hosts will gladly welcome participants from August 15-18. Same place, same schedule, and it will be just as good as ever. All details Initiates file downloadhere.

Gathering 2008

for the 2008 gathering, you can find german and english invites now as well as the usual participant signup form. Early booking guarantees the best rooms, so dont waste any time and send us our reservation now. All to be found on this years gathering page.


Welcome the new shiny site. We will include the "old" content into the new framework eventually. For now, you find all about this years' upcoming gathering and the main event, the 7th Berlin Open Bughouse Tournament, here.